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When leaks are left neglected, they can result in serious problems. Water can go to waste or, even worse, lead to flooding and mold growth. However, it’s not easy to see most pipework in your home, so it is hard to spot a leak. By understanding the four most common causes of leaks, you can reach out to a professional plumber in Ontario, CA from Rossman Plumbing immediately to control the damage.

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1. Incorrect Pipe Laying

Most leaks that require emergency plumbing are caused by incorrect pipe laying as this can cause major damage to your walls or beneath your home. To avoid this, make sure you only work with professional contractors to manage your plumbing system.

2. Damaged Pipe Joints

Joints refer to curved pieces connected to straight pipes. Temperature and pressure over time cause them to deteriorate. If you hear a loud noise especially when hot water runs, it’s likely that the joint is damaged and it’s time to look for plumbing services.

3. Underground Movements

Underground movement, like floods or the growth of tree roots, can disrupt pipes and cause leaks. Slow drainage of water indicates this problem. You can prevent an untimely plumbing repair by working with a competent plumber from Rossman Plumbing for routine maintenance.

4. High Water Pressure

If the water pressure hits your pipes hard, it increases the risk of breaking the lines and causing leaks. For any concerns about pressure at your home, consult with a licensed plumbing company to assess it and make the necessary adjustments.

As a homeowner, closely monitoring your plumbing system is paramount. It is the only way you can manage to notice the occurrence of the above conditions and perform damage control. If you see any red flag but you’re unsure what to do, look no further than Rossman Plumbing. Our team will ensure your plumbing system is in tip-top shape. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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