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Comparison Between Drain Snaking and Hydro Jetting

Cleaning sewer or drain lines sometimes requires the resources available from a plumber in Eastvale, CA from a trusted local company like Rossman Plumbing. Two of the most common professional drain cleaning methods are drain snaking and hydro jetting. Let us compare these methods for clearing pipes:

Drain Snaking

This type of drain cleaning in Eastvale, CA is done with a long steel cable called an auger. Attached to a corkscrew-shaped coil, a flexible cable is inserted into the drain or sewer line that needs some attention. The coil pierces through blockages and restores normal flow.

Snaking is an approach to freeing a clogged drain that:

  • works well on minor or moderate clogs
  • won’t damage fragile pipes
  • ensures an effective way to quickly get things flowing again

Hydro Jetting

Pipe or hydro jetting is a powerful cleaning method that utilizes the force of strong streams of water to clear away debris and obstructions. A nozzle is attached to the end of the hose that goes into the pipe, scouring the inner surface and leaving it clean.

Our hydro jetting services offer:

  • an effective way to clear away stubborn debris, such as tree roots and pipe scale
  • strength to clean both residential and commercial pipes, even larger capacity ones
  • longer-lasting results

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