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Handy Tips on Avoiding Plumbing Nightmares

With the upcoming holidays ahead, it’s crucial for your plumbing to work properly. If something goes wrong, it’s wise to act early and get a seasoned plumber in Ontario, CA, from Rossman Plumbing to come to your home and fix it. There are a few good tips you can use to prevent plumbing nightmares.

Check Your Water Pressure

To prevent a potential disaster, check your home’s water pressure. Some signs to look out for include banging noises in pipes, a short hot water supply, and an unusual increase in utility bills. High water pressure can do a number on your pipes and usually lead to leaks, worn seals, and damaged fixtures, thus necessitating urgent plumbing services.

Be Smart About Using the Toilet

One of the biggest mistakes people make at home is that they improperly use their toilets. When the wrong things are flushed down, it can cause a huge clog and a need for extensive plumbing repair to get things back to normal. That said, you should only flush toilet paper and human waste. Dispose of everything else, even things labeled as “flushable,” in the trash.

Install Drain Screens

If you don’t take measures to avoid clogs in your home, it can lead to an emergency plumbing situation. Everything from food scraps to soap scum to hair can gradually build up and cause serious problems with your drains and pipes. That is why installing drain screens in your sinks, showers, and bathtubs is crucial. It can prevent an emergency from occurring in the first place or at least minimize a potential issue.

Properly Dispose of Fat, Grease, and Oil

Although you can’t always prevent certain things from going down your kitchen sink, you can be mindful about what you put down the drain. Fat, grease, and oil can cause a huge problem with your plumbing system. Never put them down the drain and instead, dump them in the garbage or pour them into a jar and let them cool down before throwing them out.

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