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As a local home or business owner, it’s in your interests to be fully informed about all types of plumbing problems that could affect your property. The team at Rossman Plumbing specializes in providing comprehensive plumbing services to our clients, and we’re here to answer the following questions about backflow.

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What is Backflow?

Water supply lines are pressurized to force the water through the pipe to its intended destination, but occasionally pressure is temporarily lost due to pump failure or other plumbing repair problems. If pressure is lost, water can back up into the supply line from a hose, bucket or basin that’s directly attached to the water supply piping.

Why is Backflow a Problem?

As any plumber in Riverside, CA will tell you, backflow is a potentially dangerous situation that may introduce chemical or biological contaminants directly into the public water supply. This problem can be avoided with the installation of proper preventive measures.

In some cases, leaving an air gap between a faucet opening and the sink below is all that’s needed to address the issue. It’s always important to consult a professional plumber to determine the best method of backflow prevention for your system.

Where Does Backflow Occur?

Backflow is more commonly associated with commercial operations than with residential housing, but it can occur at any faucet or fixture that doesn’t include an air gap or other backflow prevention device. Our established plumbing company can tell you if backflow is likely to be a problem at your location and offer you options for heading off this issue before it becomes a major headache.

If you’re concerned about backflow prevention or any other routine or emergency plumbing matter, don’t hesitate to contact Rossman Plumbing to schedule an onsite consultation. Our established plumbing company serves all of Riverside and surrounding areas, and our team is ready to respond to your call right away.

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