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Leading Benefits of Pipe Bursting

All property owners encounter an extremely damaged or collapsed sewer line at some point. A broken sewer line is frustrating to deal with, as it often happens when you least expect it. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches to trenchless pipe lining in Ontario, CA, that can help reinstate the normal flow without needing to excavate your yard, and pipe bursting is one of them.

At Rossman Plumbing, we recommend pipe bursting when other trenchless solutions fail to address severely damaged pipes. Here are the top benefits of pipe bursting.

Less Invasive

Conventional pipe replacement requires heavy-duty equipment to excavate in your yard, which may cause extensive damage that needs a lot of time and money to repair. With our sewer pipe lining method, there’s no need to worry about this problem. Our team will find a strategic location on your property to access your sewer lines and carry out the process, leaving your landscaping intact.


Like CIPP pipe lining, pipe bursting requires less equipment and fewer crew members to do the job. In fact, we can finish the project in just a few hours. We also only need to dig a few small holes to put the new pipe in place underground. Since there’s no need to excavate and fix property damage after the project, you can save a lot of time and money on labor and material costs.

Environmentally Friendly

The extensive digging required in traditional methods can stir up hazardous mold, asbestos, and other compounds that pollute your groundwater and soil. Cast iron pipe lining and pipe bursting won’t leak these contaminants to the surroundings and will protect your household from potential health hazards.

As one of the leading pipe lining companies in Ontario, CA, Rossman Plumbing is here to restore your sewer lines to better-than-new condition. If you have any questions about pipe bursting or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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