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Main Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

Older homes bring history and uniqueness to neighborhoods, cities, and families. Despite their character, they usually don’t have the most reliable plumbing systems. Read on as Rossman Plumbing shares some of the most prominent plumbing issues older homes face:

1.  Subpar Repair Jobs

Older, traditional plumbing methods are now outdated and inferior compared to the modern ones professionals use. Older homes may have plumbing repairs that were done using improper methods in the past. You probably don’t have a way to know how many plumbers fixed the home’s plumbing. In that case, contact a professional plumber in Ontario, CA to get your system updated.

2.  Lead

Before plumbers transitioned to using cast iron pipes, they rely on lead for building plumbing systems. However, lead poses serious health concerns that can be detrimental for you and your family. If your home is built before 1986, chances are you may still have lead plumbing pipes and fixtures. Get in touch with our plumbing company right away if you suspect this problem.

3.  Unreliable Drains

Drains that are decades old have experienced a ton of traffic, flow, and debris over the years. Old drains and drain pipes may already be on their last legs and in need of replacement. Scheduling professional plumbing services for a new drain system will help assure you that your home’s plumbing system will serve you well for many more years to come.

4.  Outdated Fixtures

Similar to pipes, fixtures can begin to degrade and break down after several years. Faucets, sprayers, and other plumbing fixtures in the home won’t be as reliable as they once were when they were first installed. A plumbing repair or a new installation can easily bring a new look and feel to your home.

Whether you need plumbing upgrades or emergency plumbing services, the experts at Rossman Plumbing have you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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