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Most homeowners assume that high water pressure is good as it allows for quicker and more powerful water flow. However, when the pressure goes beyond the recommended levels, it can put unnecessary strain on your pipes, cause leaks, and even damage appliances and fixtures. Rossman Plumbing shares the signs to look out for so you can promptly enlist the help of a certified plumber in Riverside, CA.

Constantly Running Toilets

This occurs because the excess pressure makes it difficult for the flapper valve to close properly, causing water to flow into the bowl continually. Not only does this waste a significant amount of water, but it can also lead to costly water bills. Act fast and have professional plumbing services check your pressure regulator to avoid further complications.

Banging or Hammering Noises in Pipes

Do you hear loud banging or hammering noises when you turn on the tap? This is a classic indication of high water pressure in your home. The force of the water pushing through the pipes at an excessive rate can cause them to vibrate and shake, resulting in these annoying noises. Ignoring this issue can lead to damaged pipes and a potentially costly plumbing repair.

Leaking Faucets

Excessively high water pressure can damage the seals and gaskets in your faucets, causing them to leak. If you notice your faucets constantly dripping even after turning them off tightly, it’s time to get your water pressure checked.

Shortened Lifespan of Appliances

Household appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters can suffer from the effects of high water pressure. Excessive force can cause these appliances to wear out faster, leading to frequent breakdowns and the need to call your plumbing company for costly replacements.

Rossman Plumbing recommends having your water pressure checked regularly to ensure it is within the recommended range, helping you prevent emergency plumbing issues and save money in the long run. Contact us today to request a service visit.

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