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When you have really old sewer pipes in your home, they may need some repairs to keep them functional for a little while longer. This may involve choosing another pipe material to replace the worst sections, or using a pipe liner to keep the current pipes intact and avoid leaks. There are lots of pipe lining companies, and if you need pipe lining in Riverside, CA, here is what you need to know to choose the best sewer pipe materials.

Polyvinyl Sewer Pipe Lining

This type of sewer pipe lining is made from a durable polyvinyl material that is akin to a heavy tarp material. A special piece of equipment threads this deflated tube of material through a pipeline and water and/or air pressure inflates the tube liner. When the pipeline’s water source is reopened, it floods the liner and keeps the liner open and flush against the pipe walls. It is often used as either a temporary option for pipes that are badly damaged, or a semi-permanent option that are rusty but can last a while longer with this type of liner. The downside of this option is that you will have to replace it eventually.

CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP, or “Cured in Place Pipe” lining is a type of pipe liner that is soaked in a resin and then threaded through the old pipeline. It is complete, and not collapsed like the polyvinyl liner. It is actually made of felt and is hardened by the resin in which it is coated.

After it is threaded through old pipe, intense heat is applied throughout the pipeline, activating the resin and making it super-sticky. The pipe lining then automatically sticks to the interior surfaces of the old pipe. It is much harder and more durable than the polyvinyl version. It is considered a permanent solution, but it does not last quite as long as cast iron pipe lining.

Cast Iron Pipe Lining

Cast iron pipe lining is similar to CIPP pipe lining, except that instead of a resin, this liner is soaked in an epoxy and is threaded “wet” through the pipeline. As the epoxy dries, the lining sticks fast to the interior surfaces of cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe itself lasts decades, but with this special type of liner, a cast iron pipe can last up to one hundred years or more. It is also touted as the least expensive and most durable pipe liner option.

Learn More About Pipe Lining in Riverside, CA

If you want to know more about trenchless pipe repair, and how pipe liner materials can make a huge difference in how you approach your sewer pipe repair needs, call Rossman Plumbing in Riverside, CA. We have all the different material choices and approaches you would be interested in learning about. Our team can also provide you with a quote on what it would cost to line your current sewer pipes with the materials listed above, and recommend a material that is best for the pipes and condition of said pipes in your home.

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