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Although sewer pipes are heavy-duty, they can succumb to constant exposure to harsh elements. These factors are beyond your control, but you can take steps to mitigate their effects on your lines. Rossman Plumbing, your sewer pipe lining expert, shares how the environment can impair your pipes:

Invasive Tree Roots

Trees may add beauty and comfort to your home, but their roots can put your underground pipes in trouble. They are constantly looking for moisture and nutrients, which are present in your sewer line. Tree roots can penetrate even through small gaps and expand inside. This can breed a host of issues, from serious blockages to backups.

A long-lasting solution to this problem is trenchless pipe lining in Ontario, CA. This involves inserting an epoxy-filled liner into the compromised sewer line to create a new pipe within, sealing all the cracks, gaps, and other flaws. This also reinforces the system, adding a layer of protection against tree roots.

Extreme Temperatures

The hot climate in Ontario can cause the sewer lines to expand and contract, putting them under undue stress. Over time, this can cause pipes to crack and break, causing sewage to seep into the surrounding soil. When left untreated, the soil can erode, straining the system further.

Ground Movement

The ground can shift due to torrential rains, earthquakes, and heavy traffic. This can misalign the pipes and break their seals. Furthermore, ground movement can uproot the tree roots, damaging the pipes further. If you notice foul odors, lush patches of grass, and wet spots in your yard, you might need CIPP pipe lining soon.

Taking preventive measures can minimize the impact of environmental stressors on your sewer line. For comprehensive inspections, routine maintenance, and prompt repairs, look no further than the Rossman Plumbing team. Contact us today for an appointment.

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