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What Happens During a Repiping?
Repiping is often necessary when you have outdated or severely damaged pipes. It’s a significant project to take on, but you can make it hassle-free when you prepare in advance and hire a reliable plumber in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. To give you an idea of what happens during a repiping, Rossman Plumbing shares an overview of the process below.

Preparing for Repiping

We begin with preparation, which involves inspecting the plumbing system, estimating the length of the pipe required, and calculating the cost for our plumbing services. We will walk you through every detail of our action plan and recommend quality materials to ensure you get the best from your upgrade. Afterward, you will get a comprehensive estimate detailing the project summary, material list, permits needed, guarantee of work, and more.


During installation, we will take the necessary precautions to prevent damaging your floors, furniture, and other items. Depending on the size of the repiping, it might take a few days for the plumbing repair to finish. Your water supply is shut off during this time, so we encourage you to store enough water needed for your daily routine.

After Installation

Before finalizing the installation, our plumbing company will perform a final test. We will advise you on the measures you need to take to avoid damaging the walls or messing up the wet paint. After this, you can now use your plumbing system freely. If anything unusual comes up, such as rattling sounds from the pipes, be sure to notify us to fix the issue.

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Rossman Plumbing is always ready to work on your plumbing when you need us most. If your home is due for repiping, get in touch with our team right away. Rest assured that we will accomplish the job efficiently and with minimal disruptions.

You can also rely on us for other services, including drain cleaning, leak detection, and emergency plumbing repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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