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What Makes Pipe Lining Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, being eco-friendly applies to virtually anything, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, among others. However, most people never consider how their plumbing and sewer systems can affect the environment.

With the latest pipe lining technology, you get to fix your pipes while conserving the environment in the process. So what exactly makes trenchless pipe lining in Riverside, CA environmentally friendly?

It Does Not Require Digging

Unlike traditional methods, trenchless pipe lining enables the technicians to inspect the pipes from the inside out. Pipe lining companies no longer need to use outdated digging methods to create trenches that ruin your landscaping. 

Instead, they use advanced, high-definition cameras to inspect the pipes. These cameras can take photos and record clear footage, allowing them to determine and locate the root cause of the problem. In turn, they can recommend the best approach to cast iron pipe lining.

It Creates Zero Waste

With CIPP pipe lining, there’s no need to remove your old pipes and dispose of them in the landfill. It uses epoxy resin to rehabilitate existing pipes. Not only is it non-toxic, but it can also last for years, provided it gets proper care. This resin is cured within the damaged pipe, sealing and patching all the cracks. This leaves you with a stronger pipe with your already existing one.

It Doesn’t Create Carbon Emissions

During the manufacturing process, epoxy coatings and pipe liners do not create carbon emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases. This makes them a green sewer pipe lining solution from start to finish. 

At Rossman Plumbing, we often recommend trenchless pipe lining because they offer a long-lasting and eco-friendly solution to restoring your pipes. To learn more about this service, get in touch with our pros today and we’re more than happy to assist you. You may also schedule an appointment.

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