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If you’ve been searching for a plumber that you can count on to provide plumbing installation or plumbing repair in Riverside, CA, you need not look any further than locally owned and operated Rossman Plumbing. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of the plumbing industry, and we believe that property owners should be fully informed on matters that could impact them. 

To that end, we offer the following information on the problems associated with plumbing backflow and how our comprehensive plumbing services in Riverside, CA can help.

What is Backflow?

Backflow can occur when a hose that’s connected to a tap or faucet is submerged when filling a sink, pail, mop bucket, or another container. If the pressure in the water supply line is lost for even a moment, the contents of the container can flow back up the hose and into the water supply line. This means that dirty water, cleaning products, or other contaminants could potentially enter into the water supply unless backflow prevention measures are put in place by a knowledgeable plumber in Riverside, CA, from our team.

What Can I Do to Prevent It?

Although backflow is rare, it can pose a serious risk to health by introducing contamination into the public water supply. Backflow is most likely to occur in commercial or industrial operations, but it can happen at a residence as well if a property owner isn’t careful about filling a container or if backflow prevention devices are not in use. Our licensed plumbing company in Riverside, CA can install backflow prevention protection at local homes and businesses upon request.

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