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There could be several reasons why a sewer line may become damaged, such as old age, tree root intrusion, or even ground shifting. Whatever the cause, a compromised sewer line can lead to numerous issues that can be quite expensive and time-consuming to fix. In our years of experience in providing trenchless pipe lining in Eastvale, CA, Rossman Plumbing has commonly seen the following indications of a damaged sewer line:

Unusual Odor

An unpleasant sewer-like smell in your home or yard is no doubt a sign that you should have your sewer line checked. This usually indicates that sewage isn’t moving through the pipes effectively and could be leaking into the surrounding area. Before this issue gets worse and presents health hazards, have a professional plumber perform an inspection and determine whether sewer pipe lining is necessary.

Frequent Backups or Clogs

While the occasional drain clog may be normal, frequent backups or multiple clogs occurring simultaneously in different drains could point to a damaged sewer line. Apart from invasive tree roots, cracks or breaks in the sewer pipe could cause debris and waste to get caught and accumulate, leading to repeated clogs. Cast iron pipe lining or other trenchless repair methods can help address these issues efficiently without extensive digging.

Soggy or Indented Lawn

When sewer lines leak, the surrounding soil can become overly saturated, leading to soggy areas or indentations in your lawn. If you notice these changes in your yard, have a plumber assess the situation immediately. They will be able to identify whether a sewer line repair or replacement is necessary, and whether CIPP pipe lining would be a viable solution.

Rossman Plumbing is among the pipe lining companies you can trust to provide efficient and cost-effective sewer line solutions. We are dedicated to constantly providing top-quality services and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. Contact us today or complete our online form to request a service visit.

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