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So, it’s in the middle of the night, holiday, or on the weekend, and suddenly you notice that your toilet is leaking furiously or perhaps you have a clogged kitchen sink that won’t obey your usual quick fixes. At such a time, during off-business hours, it’s often tempting to call for an emergency plumber in Ontario, CA, and get the problem fixed immediately. However, the measure could turn out to be necessary, or it can wait until businesses resume normal operating hours, and you get to pay for standard plumbing services. But here’s the trick, how do you know if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency? The following are a few ways to tell.

Wet floors and walls

Damp walls and floors aren’t necessarily emergencies if you can pinpoint the cause of the wetness and turn it off. You might want to inspect your pipes for any visible burst parts and remedy the situation by turning off the water supply. However, it crosses the line and becomes an emergency if you begin witnessing the sudden accumulation of water with no visible source. Our plumber in Ontario CA will help you confirm the cause of water leak and provide the most reliable solution.

Water heater leakage

If you can turn off the source of water heater power, close the water’s supply and drain the tank to stop the leakage, it can wait for normal plumbing repair. Water heater leakage becomes an emergency plumbing situation if you begin to smell gas. Also, if you cannot turn your source of power and water off, you might want to call in the plumber. If you suspect that you are dealing with a faulty water heater with broken relief valves or the water pressure is too high, call in the experts immediately before the problem escalates further into a possible explosion.

Escalating water bills

Modest upticks in your home’s water consumption can be a clear indication of mild water line leakage. If it’s mild, it can wait. Nonetheless, a profound and sudden shoot of your water consumption signals the need for professional plumbing services. Huge water leakages can lead to property damage if not corrected immediately.

Burst pipe

It’s common for homeowners to experience burst pipes, especially in the outdoor areas. We ask clients to try and cut off the water supply that’s nearest to the burst pipe. If it doesn’t affect the main supply of water, it can wait for normal plumbing repair. A burst pipe qualifies to be an emergency if:

Clogged sewer lines

In most cases, any plumbing company would find clogged sewer lines problematic if you have multiple plumbing fixtures suffering from severe backups that leave behind sewage in your home. Sewage backups in your home constitute of safety and health hazards. If your sewer drain is mildly clogged and can drain slowly, you could consider waiting.

We understand that determining if you indeed have a plumbing emergency can be quite confusing for the average homeowner. If you are ever unsure if you need immediate assistance, call Rossman Plumbing now. We are a plumbing company that prides itself into jumping into action to attend to plumbing emergencies when need be. Contact Rossman Plumbing for all your emergency plumbing needs.

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